Honey bee and your health

Honey bee and your health

God Almighty has commanded honey bees to inhabit mountains, caves and valleys, and from what man makes for them (from what they thrive) and to follow their path guided by an obedient and humble gift that swims with His praise and eats from all the fruits to produce a drink of various colors in which there is a cure for people. His dear book, Surat Al-Nahl: (And your Lord has revealed to the bees that you take houses from the mountains, from the trees and from the nests * Then eat from all the fruits, so follow the paths of your Lord humiliation. ” If we are certain that the stomachs in the Arabic language are the plural of a belly, and that the interpretation of the abdomen is either a stomach, a hollow, or a clan, then what comes out of the stomach of the bees are many products(Honey, royal jelly, propolis, pollen, wax, bee venom) and they are all curative and different in color. We will focus on honey because the topic is about honey, which bee workers collect from the nectar of flowers and ripen it. So honey has many therapeutic properties to treat many diseases such as wounds, burns, gastrointestinal ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, eye infections, liver stimulation, anemia, and others, but how to heal there are conditions, including: – Honey should be natural because it is nourished with floral nectar, not artificial. The apiaries area is far from industrial pollutants, heavy elements such as (lead, mercury, arsenic, and pesticides) To be extracted naturally without heat treatments, sun, or severe filtering To be stored in healthy glass containers, not metallic containers that react with honey by an acidic action and excrete ferric oxide and heavy elements such as lead. The method of eating honey determines the degree of healing, God willing, stomach ulcers, for example, honey is consumed on an empty stomach an hour before breakfast without diluting with water until it treats the inner wall of the stomach, while IBS is treated two hours after the main meal with a cup of dissolved water … and so on as honey is treated and It has medical benefits, it may have harms or caveats, including. Damage caused by honey: – Butchine poisoning in children from honey bees. A child who is less than a year (12 months old) has an incomplete immune system and the intestine is clean of flora and honey. It may contain a bacterium (Sporse) Clistridum. Botulinum, which comes from the soil and then to the flowers, it is transferred to the hive by bees, and it is obtained, and it may attack the child who is less than 12 months old, and an intestinal infection may occur to him, and death may occur, God forbid, and these cases in the world have a small percentage. Not registering cases due to the difficulty of isolating the germ. Honey may contain heavy elements when the apiaries are close to pollutants or pesticides. When the apiaries are in farms and sprayed with pesticides, it is recommended to separate honey from wax because pesticides dissolve in candles more than honey because of the polarity. Honey may contain some toxic compounds from the plants themselves to feed the bees with the flowers of poisonous plants. Honey may not be suitable for human consumption because it is contaminated with fungi and yeasts as a result of the high moisture content in honey and creating conditions for its growth. Infections or ulcers may occur to some people as a result of high acidity in honey, and it may contain fungal toxins, especially (aflatoxin) resulting from a fungus. Aspergelles flaves, and as is known, this type of toxin is very dangerous for the liver and causes cancer. Medicinal benefits of honey: – Honey is useful in treating alcoholics, and this has been proven in the Ancon Hospital in England for neurological and psychological diseases, where he gave patients a solution of honey mixed with warm water at 40%. The effective effect of this solution is due to its protection of the liver, activation of the heart and its tonic effect, or due to the effect of some vitamins and antioxidants that It oxidizes alcohol residues in the body. It is well established that pathological bacteria do not live in honey for more than a few hours or a few days, because it is an inappropriate environment for their life, because it absorbs from it the vital percentage of moisture necessary for its life through plasmodium, in addition to its acidic effect and since the microbes that infect humans are mostly in a state Greenery, so it is easy to discourage by the action of previous workers, and it is no wonder if the Arabs called honey the honest keeper, Dr.Storty Flint at the United States Department of Agriculture explained that honey bees have a strange property and clear powers in absorbing moisture from anything that comes into contact with it, and therefore the bacteria die in honey as a result of absorption Moisture is in addition to other therapeutic properties that inhibit bacteria, such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), acids, etc., so it treats wounds and ulcers. Eat bee honey in the following way, one tablespoon of natural honey in the morning on an empty stomach an hour before breakfast, and another two tablespoons after lunch (the main meal) two hours dissolved in a regular cup of water (solution) in order to calm the colon and restore it to its functions to avoid food fermentation Commercial honey in stores is natural honey that is subject to government control during its entry into the Kingdom, and it must be in conformity with the Saudi standard specifications and there is, God willing, no negative effects on public health, but filling factories if honey is displayed in it for intense heat and filtering (filtering) reduces its therapeutic properties The important ones, which are less after these treatments, as honey has more than 181 compounds, and a third of them are therapeutic properties that are affected by thermal treatments and filtration, so eating raw honey is better as a treatment than honey exposed to processing (treatments) Also, displaying jars in the shops on the front directly facing the sun leads to heating and oxidation of honey, so the proportion of H.M.F (hydroxy methyl furfural) resulting from the oxidation of fructose sugar in the presence of acid and heat in addition to oxidation of some vitamins in it may be unfit for human consumption. Honey may be used to treat some eye infections, but it must be natural, not adulterated, not fermented, free from fungal contamination, and types of honey are calm, non-acidic and ripe, and dilute with 50% sterile distilled water and distilled in the eyes and prepared daily so that it does not ferment.

I wish from God, the Mighty and Sublime, to all be cured, and I thank the Riyadh Health Magazine for the opportunity

Dr. Ibrahim Abdullah Al-Arifi: Master in the properties of honey bee – PhD in the therapeutic properties of bee products

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